SOE and WISE Welcome a Fantastic Lecture by the Outstanding Alumnus Mr Yonghao Pu

The 6th lecture of Fubon Finance and Industry Forum has been hold in N303, economic building, Xiamen University on June 12th.School of Economics and Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics are honored to welcome the outstanding alumnus Yonghao Pu, who is the vice president of Chinese Financial Association of Hong Kong, the partner and the CIO of QHHY Management to give a lecture with the title “Economic Outlook and Global Asset Allocation under the New Normal Economy”, attracting a packed audience including the guests from financial institutes, Corporate officers, governors in Xiamen, students and faculties in SOE and WISE.

Mr Yonghao Pu started from global economy outlook, analyzed many factors such as the imbalanced economy increase, asynchronous central bank policies, diversified government policies, geopolitics and terrorist attack which contribute to the polarized world. He shared his ideas how to seek the balance in such a polarized world and how to allocate the global asset under the new normal economy. Not just the opinions and analysis Mr Yonghao Pu delivered are very impressive to the audience, but also his gentle and humanistic concern penetrated in his discourse. He mentioned that a successful investor should care deeply about the society and treat sincerely to others, which is more important than his fortune.

In the Q&A session, many audiences have a chance to exchange ideas with Mr Yonghao Pu on the issues they are interested in. They all expressed that they had benefited a lot from the two-hour lecture.