WISE-SOE Opening Ceremony

On the morning of September 15, WISE held an opening ceremony to mark the beginning of the new academic year with over 300 students and 30 faculty and staff members in attendance. About 680 new students joined WISE this year, including 65 from the WISE MA-PhD Programs, 21 from the WISE Taiwan PhD Programs, 22 from the WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs, 134 from the WISE-SOE Undergraduate Experimental Programs and 431 from the WISE Undergraduate Double Degree Programs.

During the opening ceremony, the director of WISE and SOE, Professor Yongmiao Hong, welcomed the new domestic students from many different provinces of China and the new international students from many different countries of the world. He also introduced WISE and encouraged all of the students to take full advantage of the resources that WISE has to offer to achieve both academic success and personal growth and development. At the end of the opening ceremony, WISE faculty members took turns to introduce themselves and their research interests and invited discussion and cooperation with students during their study at WISE. 


Orientation for WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs Students

An orientation meeting for the new WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs Students was held immediately after the opening ceremony. The new students were provided with essential knowledge on how to succeed in the WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs, including the introduction of key program personnel and course requirements.


An afternoon tea reception was held at the Sunwise Café on the same day. Mr. Marco Daccarett, the WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs student assistant, shared useful information with the students to help them adapt to their new life at Xiamen University and in China. Some course instructors also joined the afternoon tea reception to meet and communicate with the new students. After the teatime, a campus tour was organized to familiarize students with the important buildings and university facilities on campus.