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Long, Cheryl Xiaoning


Ph.D. in Economics, Ph.D. in Economics, Washington University in Saint Louis, 2001




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Research Fields:Applied Microeconomics

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Academic Experience

·         Member, Oversight Group in Economics for the State Council’s Academic Degree Commission of China, 2014 国务院学位委员会学科评议组成员

·         Chair, Department of Economics, School of Economics, Xiamen University, 2013

·         Professor of Economics, Wang Yanan Institute for Study of Economics (WISE) & Department of Economics, School of Economics, Xiamen University, 2011

·         Associate Editor, China Economic Review, 2015

·         Co-Editor-in-Chief, China Economic Studies (中国经济问题》in Chinese), 2014

·         Member of Editorial Board, China Economic Review, 2011

·         Research Associate, Department of Economics, Colgate University, 2014

·         Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Colgate University, 20072014

·         Faculty, the Ronald Coase Institute Workshops on Institutional Analysis, 2009

·         Director of Asian Studies Program, Colgate University, 2010 – 2011

·         Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Colgate University, 2001 – 2007

·         Visiting Scholar, Center for Pacific Basin Studies, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 2007

·         Special-term Professor, School of Management, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), 2007 – 2010


Academic Awards

·         New Century National Talent Project Award, 2015 百千万工程人才国家级入选者

·         The Ten Best Professors at Xiamen University, 2015 厦门大学“我最喜爱的十位老师”

·         Cheung Kong Scholarship, Ministry of Education of China, 2014“长江学者”特聘教授

·         Leading Talent Award in Fujian Higher Education, 2012福建省高校领军人才

·         Fujian High Talent Award, 2012福建省“百人计划”

·         Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, 2005-2006


Consulting Experience

·         The World Bank, 2010, 2016-2018

·         International Food Policy Research Institute, 2007, 2011

·         Kauffman Enitiative Program, Syracuse University, “China’s Private Entrepreneurs”, 20092011

·         中国商务部经贸政策咨询委员会专家

·         厦门市政府立法咨询专家

·         中国(福建)自由贸易试验区厦门片区管委会顾问


Teaching Experience


·         Law and Economics, Xiamen University, 2012-2016

·         Intermediate Macroeconomics, WISE, Xiamen University, 2012-2016

·         Principles of Macroeconomics, WISE, Xiamen University, 2011-2013

·         CHIN 481: China in Transition, Colgate University, Spring 2011

·         CHIN 482: Topics on Chinese Culture, Colgate University, Spring 2011

·         ECON 420: Seminar in Law and Economics, Colgate University, 2003-2009

·         ECON 320: Law and Economics, Colgate University, 2002-2010

·         ECON 219: Economic Reform and Public Policy in Contemporary China, Colgate University, 2005-2010

·         CORE 165: Core Culture---China, Colgate University, 2007-2009

·         ECON 302: Statistical Analysis for Economists, Colgate University, 2001-2004

·         ECON 508: Mathematics for Economists (Graduate), Washington University, 1999-2001

·         ECON 103: Principles of Economics (Micro), Washington University, Spring 1999



·         Ph.D. in Economics, Washington University in Saint Louis, May 2001

·         M.A. in Economics, Washington University in Saint Louis, May 1998

·         M.A. in Economics, University of International Business and Economics, China, 1996

·         B.S. in Business & Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, July 1993




“Three Essays on Monitoring and Corruption” (Committee Chair: Marcus Berliant)


Research Fields








Law and economics, economic development, applied microeconomics, Chinese economy

Journal Publications (in English)

·         “What explains Chinese private entrepreneurs' charitable behaviors?—A story of dynamic reciprocal relationship between firms and the government” with Jin Yang, China Economic Review 2016, 40, pages 1-16.

·         How do Firms Respond to Minimum Wage Regulation in Developing Countries? Evidence from Chinese Private Firms” with Jin Yang, China Economic Review 2016, 38, pages 267-284.

·         Collective Leadership, Career Concern, and the Housing Market in China: The Role of Standing Committee,” with Nan Gao & Colin Xu, Review of Development Economics 2016, 20(1), pages 1-13.

Journal Publications (in Chinese)
·        “产业集群、技术外溢与企业创新——基于中国工业企业的实证研究”,与莫长炜合作,被《厦门大学学报(社哲版)》接受。
·         “中国经贸合作新方式---境外经贸合作区”,与李嘉楠、张相伟合作,《中国经济问题》,2016年11月, pp. 64-81
·         公平竞争与投资增长,与黄小勇合作Economic Research Journal  (《经济研究in Chinese)20167, 7期,pp. 147-157
·         “转轨背景下官员兼职规制的经济效应”,与张训常、杨进合作,China Industrial Economics (《中国工业经济》 in Chinese, 20167, 7期,pp. 40-56
·         “版权保护能够提升企业绩效吗?——来自德化陶瓷企业的证据”,与王俊合作,Economic Perspectives (《经济学动态》 in Chinese, 20166, 6期,pp. 26-36
·         法治与改革---基于中国法院系统的历史和实证研究与王俊合作 Comparative Economic and Social Systems《经济社会体制比较》 in Chinese, 20161, 1期,pp. 205-214
·         省级行政区划造成的文化分割会影响区域经济吗?,与高翔合作,China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊》in Chinese) , 20161, 15卷第2期, pp. 647-674
·        “交通基础设施与服务业发展——来自县级高速公路和第二次经济普查企业数据的证据”,与高翔、杨广亮合作, Management World (管理世界》in Chinese), 2015年8月, 第8期,pp. 81-96
·        产业集群对企业履约和融资环境的影响,与张晶、张晓波合作China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊》in Chinese), 2015年7月, 第14卷,第4期,pp. 1563-1590
·        “中国专利激增的动因及其质量效应”,与王俊合作, Journal of World Economy (《世界经济》 in Chinese)2015年6月, pp. 115-142
·        基于空间计量模型的中国县级政府间税收竞争的实证分析,与朱艳丽、蔡伟贤、李少民合作,Economic Research Journal (《经济研究in Chinese)2014年8月, pp. 41-53
·        中国的产业多元化,林毅夫、张晓波合作, China Journal of Economics (经济学报》in Chinese), 2014年7月,pp. 83-97
·        交通基础设施与制造业企业生产率——来自县级高速公路和中国工业企业数据库的证据,与高翔合作,《华中师范大学学报(人文社会科学版)》in Chinese)2014年9月, pp. 1-18
·        党组织、工人福利和企业绩效:来自中国民营企业的证据,与杨进合作, China Journal of Economics (经济学报》in Chinese), 2014年7月,pp. 83-97
·        中国司法地方保护主义——基于知识产权案例的研究,与王俊合作, China Economic Studies (中国经济问题》in Chinese)2014, March, pp. 1-18
·        “How do Private Entrepreneurs’ Social Relational Capital Affect R&D Investment,” with Shuangying Chen and Runtian Jing. Management World (《管理世界》, in Chinese), 2010, January, pp. 88-98.
·        “Ownership Type and Chinese Private Firms’ Financing Costs” with Yinjun Liu and Runtian Jing. Management Review (《管理评论》, in Chinese), 2009, 21(9), pp. 77-85.
Other Refereed Publications
 ·         Evaluating patent promotion policies in China: consequences for patent quantity and quality,” with Jun Wang, as Chapter 9 in edited volume Economic Impacts of Intellectual Property-Conditioned Government Incentives, 2016, pp. 235-257, edited by Dan Prud’homme and Hefa Song, Springer Singapore.

·    “Industrial Diversification in People's Republic of China,” with Justin Yifu Lin and Xiaobo Zhang, forthcoming as Chapter 8 in collected volume “Development and Modern Industrial Policyin Practice: Issues and Country Experience”, 2014

·        “Foreign Direct Investment in China: Winners and Losers” with Galina Hale.World Scientific Publishing Co., 2012.
·        “If You Try, You’ll Get By: Chinese Private Firms’ Efficiency Gains from Overcoming Financial Constraints,” with Galina Hale, Chapter 8 in The Evolving Role of China in Global Economy, 2012, pp. 313-341, edited by Yin-Wong Cheung and Jakob de Haan, The MIT Press.
·        “What are Sources of Financing for Chinese Firms,” with Galina Hale, Chapter 13 in The Evolving Role of Asia in Global Finance, 2011, pp. 313-341, edited by Yin-Wong Cheung, Vakas Kakkar, and Guonan Ma, Emerald Group Publishing Limited. (An earlier version appears in the HKIMR Working Paper Series.)
·        “Industrial Clusters and Firm Financing in China,” with Xiaobo Zhang (presented at the Association of Comparative Economics Society, January 2009), International Food Policy Research Institute Discussion Papers (IFPRI DP).
·        “Where to Find Positive Productivity Spillovers from FDI in China: Disaggregated Analysis,” with Galina Hale, Hirotaka, Miura, and Theodore Moran, HKIMR Working Paper Series.
·        “Negative Effects of Personal Bankruptcy on Home Owners: Lost Homes and Reduced Credit Access.” Conference Proceedings of the Federal Reserve System’s 2005 Research Conference “Promises and Pitfalls.”2005.

Research Grants


·         Micro-foundations of industrial policy and China's industrial transformation: a product space theory approach,” NSFC grant no. 71273217, 2013-2016.

·         Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Grant No. 20720151001).

·         主持国家社会科学基金重大项目子课题:“中国特色社会主义政治经济学研究”子课题—“中国特色社会主义法治经济建设”

·         主持2项商务部政策研究课题:“金融创新支持中国企业走出去”和“金融机构境外布点对促进境外投资影响的量化分析研究”

·         作为第一合作人参与2项自科基金青年项目:城市与自然资源关系研究:经济增长、微观机制和政策建议, NSFC-Youth Program; &我国地区间政府竞争策略演变路径与经济增长:从税收竞争到制度竞争, NSFC-Youth Program