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Mou, Dunguo


PH.D., Xiamen University




Office Hours:10:00-17:00/Mon.-Fri.

Research Fields:Macroeconomics


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Mou, Dunguo,  Ph.D., Professor, School of Economics, Xiamen University. Majors in Energy & Environmental Economics, Macro-Economics. 

Working Experience:

Oct., 2014 - Sep., 2015, Visiting Scholar at Energy Initiative, University of Queensland.

Oct., 2018 - Now, Full Professor, School of Economics, Xiamen University.

Jul., 2012 - Sep., 2018, Associate Professor, School of Economics, Xiamen University.

Apr., 2007- Jun., 2012, Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Xiamen University.

 Studying Experience:

Sep. 2003-Jul. 2006, Doctoral Student at Financial Department, Xiamen University.

Sep. 2000-Jul. 2003, Master Student at Financial Department, Xiamen University.

Sep. 1996-Jul. 2000, Bachelor Student at International Merchant School, Qingdao University.

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《中国能源消费总量控制》(China's total energy consumption control)

《中国清洁能源转型战略》(China's clean energy transition strategy)