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XIE, Ruiping

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Economics, Zhejiang University




Office Hours:Tuesday, 15:00-17:00

Research Fields:Finance

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An associate professor of Department of Public Finance, Xiamen University.
I received my Ph.D in economics from the Zhejiang University at Hangzhou in 2003. I was a visiting scholar in the department of economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) from August 2010 to August 2011 in USA.
I have been working in Xiamen University since 2004.
My primary areas of interest are public economics, financial economics, applied econometrics, regional economics, law and economics, macroeconomics, labor economics.

 1 Publications in English

(1) Reduction in Agricultural Tax and the Income Growth of Rural Residents: An Empirical StudyIFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology2015EI indexed

(2) Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Technological Innovation Supporting SystemFrontiers in Enterprise Integration2012EI indexed

(3) Legal Problem Countermeasure of Peer-to-Peer NetworksInformation Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering2009EI indexed

(4) The Economic Interests and Legal Issues of OSSWICOM2009EI indexed

(5) The Game between Financial Education and Financial Occupations2009ISSHP indexed

(6) Legal System Reform in Facilitating Harmonious Development in China2008EI indexed

(7) Private Property Protection and Public Interests on Urban Building Demolition in China2008ISSHP

(8) Influence of Technological Innovation on E-business TaxationAdvancing Science Through Computation2008 ISTP


2 Publications in Chinese

(1) 史晋川、谢瑞平,2002.区域经济发展模式与经济制度变迁.学术月刊,5,49-55. (CSSCI检索), Jinchuan Shi and Ruiping Xie, 2002, The modes of regional economy development and the changes of economy systems. Academic Monthly,5,49-55. Indexed by CSSCI

(2) 史晋川、谢瑞平, 2003. 长江三角洲经济一体化的市场基础.经济理论与经济管理,762-65. (CSSCI检索), Jinchuan Shi and Ruiping Xie,2003, The Yangtze River Delta Area: Market Bases of Its Economic Integration. Economic Theory & Business Management,7,62-65. Indexed by CSSCI

(3) 谢瑞平, 2003. 证券立法的经济学分析. 博士学位论文. Ruiping Xie, 2003. The economic analysis of security legislation. Doctor Dissertation Paper.

(4) 谢瑞平,2007. 物权变动模式的经济分析. 厦门大学学报(哲社版)(CSSCI检索),5, 57-63. XIE Rui-ping, 2007. An economic analysis of modes of property rights alteration. Journal of Xiamen University(Arts & Social Science), 5, 57-63.Indexed by CSSCI

(5) 谢瑞平.2007. 法律经济学的案例教学法探析. 厦门大学学报(哲社版)(教学研究专辑二),54-57. Ruiping Xie, 2007. How to teach the subject of law and economics with cases. Journal of Xiamen University (Arts & Social Science), special issues on teaching, 2, 54-57.

(6) 谢瑞平、刘艺勇, 2007. 促进就业的法定主义与财政政策. 财贸经济(增刊), 15-20. Ruiping Xie and Yiyong Liu, 2007. Legalism and Fiscal Policy for Promoting Employment. Finance & Trade Economics, S1, 15-20.


Current projects
1. Research on regional differences in the impact of fiscal expenditure on economic growth, 19BJY234, general project of national social science fund, 2019-2021.
Projects in recent years (completed)
1. Research on the overall strategy of regional coordinated development based on significant differences, 07CJL027, youth project of national social science foundation, 2007-2013.   
2. Research on the overall strategy of coordinated development of regional economy on the west coast of the straits based on significant differences, 2008R0060, fujian province science and technology plan soft science key project, 2008-2009.
3. Research on coordinated development strategy of regional economy of xiamen, xiamen social science project, 2008.
4. Theoretical research on legal efficiency (y07001), pre-research subject of xiamen university, 2004-2007.