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Choi, Jin-Young

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Economics, Boston College




Office Hours:Wed. 11:00-13:00

Research Fields:Econometrics


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Working experience

Assistant Professor of Economics, WISE & SOE, Xiamen University, 2019-
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Frankfurt, Oct.2014-Jul.2019


Ph.D. in Economics, Boston College, 2014
M.A. Economics ,Korea university, 2009
B.A. Economics ,Korea university, 2007
Research interests
Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics. 



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Choi, J.Y. and M.J. Lee, 2017, Regression discontinuity: review with extensions, Statistical Papers, 58, 1217-1246.

Choi, J.Y. and M.J. Lee, 2018, Minimum Distance Estimator for Sharp Regression Discontinuity with Multiple Running Variables, Economics Letter, 162, 10-14.

Choi, J.Y., 2018, Semiparametric Estimator for Binary‐outcome Sample Selection: Prejudice Matters in Election, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 80, 536-553.

Choi, J.Y. and M.J. Lee, 2018, Regression Discontinuity with Multiple Running Variables Allowing Partial Effects, Political Analysis, 26, 258-274.

Choi, J.Y. and M.J. Lee, 2018, Relaxing Conditions for Local Average Treatment Effect in Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity, Economics Letters, 173, 47-50.

Choi, J.Y. and M.J. Lee, 2019, Twins are more different than commonly believed, but made less different by compensating behaviors, Economics and Human Biology, 35, 18-31.


Choi, J.Y. and M.J. Lee, 2020, Continuity of Running Variable Density Is Neither Necessary Nor Sufficient for Regression Discontinuity (Under review).
Choi, J.Y. and M.J. Lee, 2020, Finding mover-stayer quantile difference due to unobservables using quantile selection corrections (under review).
Lee, M.J. and J.Y. Choi, 2020, Score test for treatment exogeneity without exclusion restriction (under review).
Lewbel, A., J.Y. Choi, and Z. Zhou, 2019, General Doubly Robust Identification and Estimation (under review).
Lee, G., M.J. Lee, and J.Y. Choi, 2019, Exclusion Restriction Issues in Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity: Retirement-Consumption Puzzle Revisited (under review).
Choi, J.Y. and M.J. Lee, 2020, Complier Effect for Difference-in-Differences Ratio in Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity with Double Running Variables (under review).
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Choi, J.Y, 2018, Effect of Emergency Measure for Fine Dust Reduction in South Korea.