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TANG, Lizhi


Doctor of Science, East China Normal University of China



Office:Economic Building A314

Office Hours:15:00-17:00 p.m., on Tuesday

Research Fields:Statistics

Biography Research Papers Research Projects

Currently he is a full professor and deputy director of the Department of Satistics, and also an adjunct professor of the Institute of Marine and Coastal Zone Development, Xiamen university. His main research interests include applied econometrics, digital economy, machine learning and quantitative policy evaluation. He has published more than 40 academic theses, 2 monographs, and undertook more than 40 research projects entrusted by governments at all levels, of which more than 20 research reports were directly adopted and implemented. He has trained more than 60 doctoral and master's students. In recent years, he has visited many universities, research institutions and strategic think tanks along B&R for academic exchanges in the fields of overseas investment decision-making and quantitative policy evaluation. The special requirements for graduate students include: good English and computer programma skills, and strong motivation of exploring new knowledge, especially AI or ML.